November 2009

A number of pictures of Cynanchiums and Sarcostemmas have been added to the website. Most are just photographs of the stems as they have not yet flowered. Some people will think them utterly boring, but there are others who disagree; the choice is yours.

A new species on my list that comes from the Ilha Grande, an island north of the Seta Quedas Falls in the state of Parana, Brazil. Synonym: Rhipsalis teres var. heteroclada. As with most Rhipsalis, keep it out of full sun.

Rhipsalis heteroclada

Just added to the website: photos of Impatiens mandrakae and sp. China yellow.

The mandrakae is a small creeping species from Madagascar, quite easy to grow, with tiny translucent green flowers. Definitely not hardy.

I do not know the botanical name for sp. China. If anyone can help ….? It looks a bit like I. stenantha, but it is less speckled than stenantha. I do not know if it is hardy; I keep it at 10 degrees C.

Impatiens sp. China

Impatiens mandrakae

Dear friends, this is my new blog and I am still getting the hang of it, but I will regularly be posting news items regarding my collection or my website.

For starters, pictures of Rhipsalis have been added to the website. Do have a look!

Rhipsalis zurizilan GPS 5839