September 2010

Hoya kerrii GPS 00145
This species is becoming well known now because of the heart-shaped leaf which make it an ideal gift for Valentine’s day. It is sold as the Sweetheart or Valentine’s hoya, but be aware that single leaves – often offered during the Valentine season – will not grow into a plant; it is much better to buy a rooted cutting. There are at least 3 types: a green one, a variegated one and an albo-marginata type. They are found throughout the Indo-China area.

Hoya kerrii

Hoya kerrii flower

Hoya kerrii leaves

Hoya kerrii leaf

This species originates from South-Africa, is very easy to flower and can be trailed over a trellis. The flowers are fairly large with a distinctive roof. It flowers for most of the year, but more profusely in the autumn. If you are lucky you can even get seed pods and sow the seeds yourself; the seed can germinate within 24 hours, but you cannot keep it for very long.

Ceropegia sandersonii

Ceropegia sandersonii